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Adore the White Daffodil Italian leather laptop bag by Violet May in London– fresh and modern, and extremely well-made, work will {almost} feel like play . . .

{via The Bag Snob}

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  • Definitely very glamorous. I’m bookmarking the site for the day I get a job that pays a decent amount. I can’t wait :)

  • LOVE!! I am wiping the drool off my keyboard now. How great would a laptop look in here, all snug in it’s yellow home.

  • oh my god, color shock!!! but I love it!

  • That is beautiful, after I get through paying what it probably costs, I will have to wait a couple of years for a computer. It doesn’t matter, I can pretend.

    Passerby: Why Madam, what a beautiful bag!

    Me: Why thank you! It houses my state of the art computer.

    Passerby: Oh can I see?

    Me: No, sorry, this stuff is straight out of Japan. I was asked not to show it yet. It comes out at the end of next year. Glad you enjoyed the bag though…

  • So refined, Roseline. You always find the most elegant things…

  • I love the yellow bag!!

  • So beautiful! The black leather with green interior is equally as beautiful (and more masculine perhaps) but those prices! YIKES!

  • I love it, but I’m scared to see how much it costs!!


  • Beautiful! I love the pop of yellow, it would certainly bring a smile to my face!

  • Usually I’m not a huge leather fan, but that white bag is just gorgeous…
    p.s. oh and by the way, I did get your email and wanted to let you know that I just added your site to my blogroll! :)

  • salivating. i need it. in fact, it’s mine. i knew i was holding out all year for just the right one!

  • thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    this bag is fab, and so perfectly named, thanks for sharing it.

  • Beautiful! and the yellow inside is just plane yummy!

  • Coco+Kelley–how exciting! If you do pick up this laptop bag, you’ll definitely be the talk of the office :) Congratulations, and good luck!

  • Oohhh, this is amazing. I have to have it. Right now! It’s so chic and just perfect. The yellow interior really makes it special, too.

  • WOW so chic and elegant! Aren’t those colors gorgeous together?

  • no! this little slice of heaven would make work a joy!

  • Adore is the perfect word to use here. I want it. Love the bright yellow:)

  • love it. LOVE IT! i might need to find a new laptop bag… just got a new job!!

  • That is beautiful!

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