{fog cherry blossoms + sultry hair}

Wallpaper continues to be an inspiration in design, with creative and innovative new patterns emerging and many and varied ways to install it. In the hands of artists, who can often be counted on to push the boundaries of convention, it can become a creative force.

Rollout includes Fog Cherry Blossoms {above} by photographer Karin Bubas, and {if you’re feeling very adventurous} Sultry Hair, by Andrio Abero {below} as part of their Artist Series custom wallpapers.

While both of these designs may be slightly too avant-garde and edgy for my tastes, I do love their sense of adventure.

Abero, a graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle, and also a DJ, has been influential in the Seattle music scene for years and now helps shape the design world with 33rpm, which he established in 2000.

{beautiful example of graphic work by 33rpm}

You may have seen this image recently, but I’m in love with it . . . Shot by Emma at Björklund & Wingqvist, “one of Stockholm’s oldest and best stocked wallpaper shops,” it illustrates a beautiful ceiling installation of wallpaper by Lisa Bengtssonsa, who is also amazingly talented in her own right.

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