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While sorting through the papers on my desk the other day, came across the travel section of an old British newspaper, which fell open to La Sala Noir, one of 5 concept rooms at Ca Maria Adele in Venice, Italy. Was immediately lured by the yards and yards of luxuriously sexy silks, moody ambiance, and black Murano chandelier . . .

“The hues of pepper, cocoa, clover and other rich spices melt here in an incredible mosaic of colours that will charm your senses. The result is a room voluptuous and hot like the load of the ships which from far-away lands carried the products building for centuries the richness of Venice.”

The rest of the hotel looked equally dreamy with its filtered sunlight, smoky browns and grays, and glimmering dashes of gold. Perfect for a long, languorous conversations over cappuccinos . . .

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  • So beautiful and glam. i think the light in venice makes everything more gorgeous.

  • Can I please please move there!!!!! Lovely.

  • It would seem that Venice has captured our collective imagination . . . As always, thanks everyone, for taking the time to comment.

  • Wow! You just brightened a dull Monday!

  • Oh and I thought I had seen Venice! Now I know I have to go back someday because the shoebox hotel that stayed there was nowhere near this. Gorgeous post..

  • Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous place! I so love Murano glass as well – the chandeliers are to die for!


  • So decadent and beautiful!

  • so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    – Jessie –

  • This is stunning! I’m in love! :-) Thanks for posting these images.

  • Melissa–was just thinking the same thing–the weeks just seem to be flying by these days! With the warmer weather and all our projects, it’s a wonder we manage! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.


  • I love Venice. Thanks for the great post…totally glamorous. I’m feeling frumpy again (especially after I just posted a completely NON-GLAMOROUS post for the weekend!!!)

    Miss you, you busy girl! I’m struggling to keep up too. Are we really saying “HAPPY WEEKEND” AGAIN?


  • bandelle—smoky browns and greys for your room would be lovely, and a great compromise if your husband likes it :) If you do decide, you must show us photos!

    pinkstilettos—the ceiling is covered in fabric, which adds to its luxurious, cocoon-like feeling . . .

    christine—normally I’m a white walls and bright colours kind of girl, but on holiday and in Venice, sultry and smoky works :)

    Love everyone’s differing views and opinions—some of us love it on sight, while others are a little unsure, and that’s the wonderful thing about design—it speaks to us in different ways.

  • Wow, glam and sexy hotel. Ah, Venice!

  • Ya know… those photos dont really do anything for me. Glamorous? Yes. My type of place? Nope. I like softer colors. :)

  • Very va-va-voom – love the Cadbury chocolate comment!

  • The ceiling in the first picture- Is that made from material? I’ve never seen something like that before. I also like the look of the buildings and the water right there- its pretty!

  • And you are perfectly right! absolutely glamorous. I can’t take my eyes off these pictures.

  • Wooooah Glamorous – absolutley knock ’em dead post!

    what a way to start my weekend!!
    love it!

  • It is like a Cadbury Chocolate. Totally decadent and lush. I love the black murano chandelier. I do not care for all the fabric as it feels, at least to me, like a coffin. However, the rest is just stunning.

  • We’re still trying to figure out a color palette for our bedroom. I’ll have to show my husband these images because I think he’ll like the smoky browns and greys. Gorgeous hotel.

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