Most of you know by now that I have a little thing for shoes, and Miu Miu keeps me on my design toes with their little works of art. Last time, it was the Floral Carved Sandals, this time, it is the undeniably glamorous Strappy Bejeweled Sandals . . .

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  • OMG! Those seriously might be the most amazing shoes I have EVER seen ! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  • oh hello miu miu….

  • Felicity, thanks for the link–I completely forgot about that image–I had a tear sheet once–think those pumps were Dior, and I’ll be certain to stay away from mud!

  • What a pretty blog. The jeweled heels are amazing. I love the white kitchen and the dog on the bed. Beautiful photos!

  • So STUNNING, like little works of art!!!

  • Glamorous – I found this and thought of you – well I thought of what my foot would look like if I were wearing these shoes!!!

  • A fabulous pair of feminine and glamorous heels! Positively stunning.

  • Thanks for the great comments, everyone–apparently I’m not the only one who appreciates a beautifully designed shoe.

    Felicity, in answer to your question, yes, you will almost exclusively find me in heels this height (the only exception being when I’m walking our dog). I really love the way heels look and finish an outfit.

    Franki, after the 4-inch Louboutin pumps, these are next on the list :)

  • darling, please tell me you’ll be adding these to your closet shelves!

  • Oh I am totally in love with these shoes. I was in love with the floral carved sandals but these are even better.

  • OOOhhh Wowww. Now THat is one decked out pair of shoes!! Glam to the stilt, literally! Fun post!

  • So, Imelda aka Glamorous !!:-)

    Firstly these are delicious – I would put them on a table top and just look at them all day :-).

    You must come to HK – there are shops and shops of DE- VIIINE shoes – tho not in this size generally.

    The best pair of chandeliers masquerading as $$$$ shoes I have ever seen were in Manila (sad isn’t it so much $$ relative to how much the average daily earning is).
    Anyway they were magnificent – don’t know the brand – not one I recognised and before the days of blogging when I didn’t whip out a note pad every time I saw something that was spectacular.

    On a side note, I am dying to know, do you wear numbers like this on a very regular basis?? – ie height?

  • As soon as my eyes gazed upon the this picture, I began to drool. No joking:) Well, ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but those shoes… oh my!

  • To say these are ‘over the top gorgeous’ is an understatement. There is no word to describe them. They are that beautiful.

  • OMG… I would kill to get a pair of these. AND, !!!! these on the pic are my size!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • Oh, no, another weapon of destruction for me. I’d be twisting around all the time trying to sneak a peek at those gorgeous jewels on my heels. And of course in the process of twisting I’d have a calamity. You know, though, they would look fabulous just sitting out for decor. Casually laying out, as if I wore them the previous night. A much safer alternative to actually wearing them. I guess I am moving towards the sensible shoe phase of life. Too bad, because these are BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for another gorgeous shoe!

    Happy Day!!!


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