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Now that France’s President Nicholas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have wed in a private civil ceremony {conducted by the Mayor of the 8th district of Paris} this weekend, the super-sexy Italian-born brunette heiress can add First Lady to her already impressive résumé of supermodel and talented muscian.

Was on the official Carla Bruni site in hopes of finding wedding photos, but instead found these charming, charming images of her in her studio, shot by Bharat Sikka. My favourite shot being of her desk, simply because have always thought one can tell so much about a person by her workspace . . .

Hectic weekend, and in between a house full of guests and champagne and oysters, stole a few moments to leave a few thank you’s:

Thanks to Claudia at Ferret & Hound {interiors} for including The English Countryside and Bon Soir, Valentino and Farewell as top posts for January.

Special thanks to Pomegrenate and Patchouli for this lovely award.

Thanks to Melissa at The Inspired Room for inviting me to be a part of her ever-popular Inspiration Week series, which begins with an interview with Interior Designer and author, Alexandra Stoddard.

Thanks for the tag:
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Was also delighted to discover the stunningly beautiful {
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{see also this lovely post on Carla Bruni at Hidden in France}

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  • Franki, apparently she even meets heads of state without make-up. I thought she was pretty stunning before, and then I listened to her latest album and I was amazed by how beautifully she sings.

  • so are we to understand that this is truly her natural habitat? First… she has that air of effortless beauty that only French women seem to posses. No highlights… no noticeable makeup…

    and then the studio. wow. I am smitten. every detail is beautifully appointed. Makes a stateside girl long to move!

  • The photos are beautiful! Sarkozy is one lucky guy hehehe..

    Oh and ur welcome, honey u deserve it ;)

  • Ashley, that image is my favourite as well–it seems to show so much of her personality.

  • Miss Ookpik said...

    I enjoyed your write-up, Glamorous! Carla Bruni is lovely. If anyone out there hasn’t heard her music, they really should. It’s just as gorgeous as she is.

  • the photo with the vase full of flowers sitting on the desk is stunning! how inspiring! i love this photographer’s style! thank you for sharing! :)

  • Thanks so much, Carolina! I knew about their relationship because a close friend of mine is a huge fan of Carla Bruni and tells me that I would adore her CD, which I still haven’t had the chance to listen to. Also, it’s been getting a lot of press because Sarkozy was so recently divorced, and Ms. Bruni has some pretty racy photos floating about.

  • Maryam, it was only 11 weeks–I guess if you’re marrying a supermodel, you can’t afford to waste any time :)

    Felicity, I think you may be on to something.

  • mamacita, still searching for photos of the dress–there were no photographers or press allowed at the “secret” ceremony, but apparently Carla was described as “ravishing” by Francois Lebel, {the mayor of Paris, who conducted the service}, in the sleeveless, off-white Hermès dress.

    Well said, Margaret, and her judgement on a lot of things has definitely been a hot topic the press and French people alike.

    Corine, thanks for reminding me about your previous post–I’ve added a link.

  • I have to say, that for the most part, I was unaware of the whole affair. Thank you for educating me. I like the idea of learning about world affairs via design blogs :)
    These photos are beautiful…I’m such a fan of your blog now.

  • Glamorous;-)

    Today you’ve got the news, Ive got the weather now all we need is someone to cover the stock market and we’re the CNN of blogland!!! :-)

    (with prettier pictures;-)

    Of course ;-)

  • What?! They got married? That was fast.

    PS I think he will need to wear platform shoes:-)

  • I did a post about here a while back. She really has it all. They say she will meet heads of states without an ounce of make-up on and still make everyone’s jaw drop. And she has a shy and unassuming air about her that is entirely lovely.

  • The photos are beautiful and she truly is lovely. Good luck to them! It seems Carla’s finally made a good decision in marrying the French President. Her past judgement certainly leaves something to be desired…why on earth she would have dated Russian mafia super-creep Roman Abramovich is beyond me! She and Sarkozy make a lovely couple, though.

  • Unbelievable! Can you imagine seeing pictures of Laura Bush in a short nightgown? Can you imagine an American first lady who had a fling with Mick Jagger? God bless the French.

    Everyone– please post the pic of her dress if you find it.

  • Thanks Melissa, and Happy Week to you as well :)

  • Wow, beautiful! I really enjoyed the photos!

    Now I am off to check out some links!

    Happy Week!

  • All the Best, she really is beautiful. Apparently the civil ceremony took precisely ten minutes, and she wore a knee-length white Hermes dress with a 10 cm-wide marine blue ribbon . . . would love to have seen a photo of the dress.

  • The UK newspapers were filled with photos this weekend…Carla Bruni is so beautiful!!

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