{martyn thompson & muriel brandolini}

I’ve become completely enchanted by this photograph by lifestyle photographer Martyn Thompson—the crimson wall, the billowy silk curtain, the flower pattern on the black chair cushion—there’s a moody, mysteriousness about the scene, as well as a painterly quality that Thompson is famous for.

Martyn Thompson was born in London and raised in Australia, where he studied English Literature and fine art at Sydney University, designing his own fashion collection after leaving college. He would go on to open a store with a group of friends, where he began photographing the clothes and fabric. Three years later, Thompson returned to London, where he expanded his portfolio with the portraiture and still life compositions that he is known for today.

Over the holidays, I was in a beautiful dressing room with suede-covered walls the colour of chocolate, and have since been in love with the idea of fabric on walls. I once heard that the singer Luther Vandross used cashmere on the walls in his home.

The deep-hued walls in interior designer Muriel Brandolini‘s study (above) are coated in an indigo corduroy fabric, and the dining room (below), are hung with an incredible bespoke silk design that was hand-embroidered in Vietnam.

{all images by Martyn Thompson; images 2 & 3: British Vogue February 2007 as photographed by Martyn Thompson}