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A few weeks ago, misplaced tickets to an art show and, in searching for them, discovered an enormous amount of magazines all over the place. Since then, have been searching for a contractor to build custom shelving to help keep things organized, but until then, shall have to dream up creative ways to keep the magazines from taking over our place . . .

. . . love the idea of using stacks of them for a bench or low shelf, made extra chic with a beautiful, rough wood plank

{p.s.} more storage ideas for past issues

{images: 1 – scan from Your Home as a Santuary; 2 – scan from Weekend Projects; 3 – via iCiNG}

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  • All those pictures are beautiful! I esp. like the first one. Great ideas!

  • Years ago, in another life, I used to summer on a lake in Michigan with my then in-laws. At one of family “cottages” the downstairs guest bathroom had been completely papered in New Yorker covers from the 40’s and 50’s. I thought it was wonderful, unexpected, and certainly entertaining.

  • Hello Gala! So glad you stopped by! I’ve had your place in a folder for ages and finally managed to finish this post.

  • Very cool apartment gala! I was thinking the same thing as Joanna,but I LOVE the idea!

  • Hey! That’s my apartment in the third picture! :O !

  • I like the bench idea, and Lord knows I could use some creative ways to store my magazines!

  • my magazines are VERY rebellious! they refuse to stay in order…i shout no NO NO but they run away from me and stick their tongues at me.

  • Love the glass coffee table in the first photo. I have so many books and magazines I don’t know where to put them. What a clever idea for the bench!

  • I like the idea of interdispersing it with your clothes on the washing line !!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Joanna, I was thinking the same thing–the sensible side of me thought about the magazines slipping as well, yet it looks so beautiful, I thought, well maybe not to sit on, but for putting pretty things on top?

  • those shelves at the top are beautiful.

    love the idea for a bench, but wouldn’t the magazines be a little slippery and unstable?

    thanks for hte post! :)

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