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Recently picked up a cleanly designed, ultra-modern chest of drawers for extra storage, yet can’t seem to stop looking at complex, ornate and embellished pieces of furniture. It’s all about textures and layers these days, and love the worldly, well-travelled look that’s showing up in décors all over the place. Quite taken with this Pink Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers (above), which is really quite festive, and for fabric textures, Ruth Singer‘s chair (below) is a wonderful combination of rustic and delicate.

{And thanks to those of you who were wondering about the lack of updates and took the time to write. It’s been a busy few weeks and only began slowly down in the past week, so decided to take some off for unfinished projects . . . not to mention the social engagements are beginning to pile up–Monday evening, we’re attending an event at my friend Derek’s restaurant with Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef. Should be a lovely night!}

Geometric bedside table with intricately inlaid bone and bone hexagonal knobs

Black with bone inlaid floral design mirror from Jaipur

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  • dear ana,

    thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment, and for reading everyday :)

    as for the mirror, am afraid it actually was from graham & green as well — remember it from long ago — have just had a look at their site and it looks like they no longer carry it — will try to have a look around, and if i come across it anywhere, will definitely let you know!

    hope you’re having a lovely week,

  • Dear Glamorous, I know you posted this so long ago, but is there any chance you might know where I could find the mirror that is resting on top of the “Pink Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers”? I LOVE this mirror and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    Any help would be great! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, thank you for sharing such sweet, glamorous pictures and thoughts. This is always my daily break from work :)


    Ana ([email protected])

  • Thanks Deb–you always leave such lovely comments.

    Why Prof. Randall, I’m very flattered! Thanks for the great marks and happy reading :) I would say welcome to my blog, but it’s apparent you’ve been here before–thanks for your comment.

    CFC!I know–it’s been crazy this week! I’ve had events almost every night–I miss my little visits to blogland–yours will be the first place I visit today :)

  • Der Glamorous – Sounds like you’re pretty busy at the mo!:-)

    We’re looking forward to your return to Blogland when you are all socialised out and need a good computer fix!!:-)

  • Prof. Randall said...

    Great writing style. Your titles always make me want to read the articles. 10/10!

  • deb said...

    I love anything that reminds me of India…especially the red dresser at the top. Your blog is so inspirational!

  • Thanks, Melissa and I know you can relate–when we gained that extra hour for Daylight Savings, I was ecstatic! But social engagements (especially Christmas ones) are always fun, so it’s all good.

  • I love that first image and must have that for my bedroom when I’m finished!


  • I love all the texture and that well-traveled look!

    Such beautiful detail.

    Glad you are back, but I know how it goes with unfinished projects and social engagements. There is never enough time in the day!


  • The red is amazing–so is the simple (relatively speaking) pattern of the bedside table. Beautiful!

  • Such a beautiful post! I LOVE all the photos!!!!

  • I love the bedside table. It makes a great statement.

  • Hello CFC–so great to hear from you! I’m certain your post on mother of pearl inlay will be fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading it. I know only too well what you mean about half-prepared posts–I have quite a few of them myself :)

  • dear Glamorous – great to have you back!
    Lovely post! I have been dawdling around preparing one similar myself as we have a beautiful mother of pearl inlay hexagonal side table from our travels.
    Oh well, I’ll get around to it one of these days (along with all the half prepared posts in my post collection!!) – in the mean time I’ll enjoy your lovely finds :-)
    Take care!

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