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I may have a thing for all things French, but may make an Italian exception–after all, who doesn’t love the sound of a villa in Tuscany?

Villa Monticello was built by the counts of Orsolini at Avenza in 1766 as a small country retreat. In the late 19th century, it was acquired by French Dervillé family, who did some renovating by adding grand flights of steps at the front and back, as well as loggias (balconies or entrance porches) on three sides of the villa. Statues and fragments of ancient sculptures still adorn the main entrance, while marble vases and a marble gable were placed on the roof.

Today, Villa Monticello is owned by Marzia Vanelli Dazzi, who lives there with her husband and children.

{images: Taschen}

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  • Vania said...

    I think I’m going to have to take a Sweet Love Vacation to Tuscany now! Oh to spend a month at this beautiful, beautiful villa. Sigh. The splendour of it all!

    You really do have an eye. Thank you for sharing and with such beauty of care and detail.

  • Thanks, Joni! (And how could anyone not be French-loving?) Love your blog too!

  • Hi- I’m totally French loving too, but this makes me want to be Italian lovin’!! So beautiful – that lastl picutre – hmmmm, I want to go there this weekend…

    Thanks so much for your comments!
    Love you blog,
    cote de Texas

  • Thanks, anon–and I like your idea of the curves contributing to a ship-like feeling, and the grounds are, indeed, quite spectacular.

  • Anonymous said...

    Wow, what a beautiful dining room–the curves give the feeling of being on a ship..spectacular outdoor scenes.

  • designflute and suzy–thanks for the comments. It’s true–this villa has an lovely interior as well as gorgeous grounds–truly a perfect home.

  • Its amazing, and the landscape is not so bad either!

  • The inside and the outside both -simply enchanting!

  • Both, The Paris Apartment–we were separated at birth and great minds think alike!

  • Yes, this place is pretty incredible, Brilliant–and you really used to think Tuscany sounded boring? :)

  • ok were we separated at birth or do great minds just think alike?? i am researching italian villas on my blog too!

  • Ok, NOW I understand why people rave about Tuscany. It always sounded kind of boring, but this place looks incredible.

  • Thanks for the tip, Perfect Bound–Villa D’Este at Lago Di Como is simply stunning!

  • When I dream about Italy, it’s always Villa D’Este at Lago Di Como. Guests are welcome there.

  • Isn’t it, Franki? And it’s a private residence, so no overnight stays for us, sadly.

  • Imagine, Mélanie! It really would be a lovely place to raise a family—the children would grow up cultured, being surrounded by so much history and architecture and such beautiful surroundings.

  • This is so stunningly lovely. I was most disappointed to see that Villa Monticello is not available to rent or stay overnight. Boo!

    You can bet I’ll be looking for a place of my own like this someday. Absolutely lovely.

  • I would love to live there with my family .
    Such a wonderful place to raise children

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