{high-end halloween}

It’s that skull and crossbones time of year again and what could be more fun than wearing posh, brightly-coloured skulls?

Dior Joaillerie‘s Coffret de Victoire collection includes: ring in 18K yellow gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, turquoise and mother-of-pearl (above left); and pendant in 18K yellow gold, diamonds, pink and green tourmalines, aquamarine, tanzanite, pink sapphires, amethysts, chrysoberyl, sapphire, emeralds, cultured pearl and coral (above right). Any piece from this collection (or anything by Dior, for that matter) will ensure you’re the talk of the costume ball . . .

Not to be outdone is Tom BinnsTough Chic collection of less precious, but still loads of fun punk-infiltrated creations (below). The Irish-born Binns was a one-time collaborator with Vivienne Westwood and favours rock and roll interpretations of jewellery classics, where diamantes and pearls sit alongside bullets and skulls.