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It’s beautiful and balmy here, reminding me of tropical places like the Hotel Azucar in Veracruz, Mexico, a beach eco-resort and Veracruz’s first environmentally-friendly hotel.

Named for the sugar cane grown in Veracruz, the Azucar was dreamed up by hotelier Carlos Couturier, founder of some of Mexico’s hippest resorts. For the Acuzar he decided on an almost anti-design back-to-basics theme: “I wanted to recuperate a lifestyle gone by…and give guests the pleasures of simple things.”

Azucar is comprised of twenty bungalows with a white-on-white colour scheme and thatched roofs, and includes private terraces with organically produced hammocks that overlook the Gulf of Mexico. The decor is an intriguing mix of bohemian-chic and seaside appeal with individually selected driftwood and 1930’s furnishings from Couturier’s grandparents’ farm. The public spaces are mainly open-air, including a library with wicker seating and a thatched ceiling, as well as a spa area with a yoga space and a full range of spa services. Also included is a pool area with brightly colored beanbag loungers with silky-pillows and a swim-up bar.

Thirty miles to the north of the hotel are the ninth-century ruins of El Tajín.

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  • Thanks, Emma! I know what you mean about being too tired sometimes . . . luckily, I wrote this post on a long weekend, so I had the luxury of time. Of course, I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

  • Love your text on this one! Me, I was just too tired to write anything at all. :-)

    You have great blog here, I’ll put it in my blogroll. Have a nice weekend!

  • Ammar said...

    The white bed with the bright green walls, splendid. The nearly bare room with the crooked ladder and the perching parrots, fantastic. The blue bicycles and the amazing hanging wall, wonderful. I just might have to set myself up in a bungalow in Azucar…

  • Thanks, Laura! Of course, I’d love it if you added me and I’ll do the same :)

  • I am dying to go to Mexico, for the weather, the ruins, and the little embroidered tops! That place looks divine.

    Wonderful site–may I add you to my links?

  • Franki, I only wished I had the time to go! After taking time off to traipse around the UK this summer, I’m still catching up on projects. I think as far as we’ll get before the end of this year is NYC . . .

  • a girl after my own (wanderlust filled) heart. what’s really amazing about resorts like this is their affordability. You can live like a queen in certain luxe for a week – and not feel an ounce of guilt.

    So.. are you going? :)

  • coco+kelley–that’s great that’ve you’ve got the name now, and if you do happen to go there on your next vacation, be sure to post some photos for us.

  • Mélanie–lucky you to know Mexico so well and glad to introduce you to something new there.

    Brilliant–I should have mentioned that it’s 30 degrees celsius, which is about 80F–and I’m quite alarmed as well–where is fall, indeed.

  • Paloma, thanks for stopping by.

    Jessica–I know what you mean–I’m off today but still have a tonne to do but I’m daydreaming instead . . .

  • oh my goodness! i remember this place being featured in a magazine because i actually tore out that photo of the palm tree and the little changing rooms because i loved the greens and the thatched roof… of course i forgot to actually write down the name of the hotel – thank you for posting this!! now i can bookmark it for my next vacation :)

  • 30 degrees? It is 80 here today and I am ALARMED. Donde esta fall?

    Beautiful hotel.

  • I love Mexico and know most part of it but I’ve never been to Veracruz . This hotels seems so wonderful

  • these pictures make me wish I wasn’t sitting at my desk at work…they definitely make you dream. thank you!

  • That hotel looks amazing!

  • Thanks so much, Melissa! The thatched roofs and bright décor were what won me over–they really make the place feel like a real escape.

    (And I really like your blog as well.)

  • This is an incredible place! I am always searching around for nifty places to showcase on my Friday escapes!

    Love the thatched roofs. So tropical!

    You have a really lovely blog!


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