I have never worn the colour blue.

I once wore a turquoise-coloured silk blouse, but I have never worn that deep, bold, royal blue and I’ve certainly never considered it as a décor possibility . . . That is, until recently.

The colour blue is believed to be the last colour to become visible to the human eye, yet it is the first primary colour from which all other colours are made possible. I’ve been inexplicably drawn to its richness and mystery, the way it reminds me of the sea after a summer storm, or the sky moments before nightfall . . .

{Cuff by Tom Binns}

{the ever-glamorous Bruna Tenorio for the Dsquared Spring 2008 RTW show at Style.com}

{images from top: barney’s new york; bnodesign; g hotel in Ireland; the golden apple hotel}

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  • Sabah said...

    Pictures 2 and 3: Gorgeous and very strong! Picture 4: A grandly blue and beautiful exterior. Picture 5: Splendid jewelry, fantastic in its blue tones! Picture 6: What’s that model doing smoking so blithely on the runway in her see-through gown! Ah the life of a beautiful Woman of Leisure.

    Nice post. Beautiful, bold and blue. Thank you as always for taking the time to so splendidly find and share.

  • stljoie–that sounds like a great colour combination–completely unexpected, yet I’m sure it was beautiful.

  • I recently saw a room painted lavender with rich blue furniture and it was gorgeous.

  • Wow,thanks, Adrianna, for such a nice comment and you’re welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    And thanks, of course, to you, too, Laura! The names Royal and French blue do sound lovely, don’t they? You’re the first person I’ve heard to wear these colours regularly and you’ve made a very good point about blue being flattering to most skin tones.

  • I really love this post. Royal and French blue are my absolute favorite colors. I try to wear them whenever possible, you should too! It’s very flattering to pretty much every skin-tone.

  • adrianna said...

    You always have a way of putting everything together perfectly–thanks for introducing me to so many beautiful things.

  • I know what you mean, Liberty–I’m a huge fan of pink and gold (especially together!) but rarely wear those colours either. Well, maybe gold jewelry :)

  • Thanks, Suzy–I’m not quite ready to run off to paint my walls blue, but I can imagine myself wearing that ruffled top . . .

  • Blue is my favorite colour, but I rarely wear it. Weird ay? (that’s Canadian for huh?)

  • Great pics! I have never worn blue outside of my old school uniform, which was enough to turn me off for life….but I might be slowly coming round again…

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