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Beautiful, beautiful vases at Lalique, especially these green meadow and anise crystal vases, above, from the Bucolique collection.

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  • It’s a good point, you raised, Jackie–it is difficult to move away from something that’s so identifiable with a company, but at the same time, we all need to keep reinventing ourselves. (And I’m certain you’re right about the deep-cut vase weighing a ton!)

  • Love them all. I understand – it’s hard to move away from the norm when you have a product as identifiable in design as Lalique, but I think their doing a good job. I’m sure all of the pieces are stunning in person. I would love to see the colored vases and take a look at the designs close up. The sunflower color vase with the deep cut work is superb – I’ll bet it weighs a ton!

  • It’s true, Franki, they really do have an amazing history and have had a huge influence in crystal manufacturing and jewellery-making.

    Of course their classics pieces are always a good standby, but I’m a maximalist at heart and think these pieces in all their ornate glory would look smashing on a bold, stainless steel or lucite desk.

  • I love how they’ve transformed their products to keep up with the times. Lalique has such a history. I have to say, I like some of their more classic pieces more than these… as these are too ornate. But I love the idea of a company like them reinventing themselves as we all must!

  • Aren’t they beautiful? Thanks for stopping by Jade.

  • very pretty. love the last 2 pics….

  • nunich said...

    beautiful! i especially love the vases and all their green tones and shades in the first picture.

  • In complete agreement, Mrs. Blandings–very difficult to choose just one and since they all look so great together, a collection seems like the perfect solution :)

    Love that description, Mélanie–“luxury and rustique”–so French and so perfect!

  • I love the 3rd picture . A mix of “luxury and rustique” french

  • These are so great – hard to choose just one – a new collection, perhaps?

  • Hello People St.Clair! Aren’t they stunning? I like the green best too.

  • oooooh I love all of these! Especially the green.

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