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Have never used shag rugs in any room, mainly because have always assumed they’d be difficult to keep tidy, but have always found them to be warm and inviting, and definitely dramatic, and with the approach of winter, could imagine curling up on one in front of the fireplace . . .

{images: Retro Home, The Cross Design & Décor, House & Garden, Canadian House & Home, Victoria, Met Home, Living Etc. UK Edition}

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  • Oh, good to know–Laura–I’ve always suspected they’d be terrible for cleaning, even the small ones, and you’ve pretty much confirmed it, despite how great they look.

  • Ugh, the look vs. the cleanliness factor…I just bought a tiny one for my super small bedroom. It’s only ikea, but it is VERY hard to clean! A vacuum doesn’t even do the trick :( it’s a shame.

  • Some of them do look similar to sheepskin, C&C–I can see where you’re coming from. I agree about the cleaning bit–the very reason why I’ve never committed to a shag rug despite their glamour.

  • Some of those look like they could be sheep skin (maybe its just my monitor)? I think sheepskin is also very glam. I used to have one and finally had to get rid of it because there was just no good way to get it clean.

  • Thanks so much, Blushing Apples! I’ll head to yours now for the details . . .

  • I remember shags from their first time around! Everyone had them!

  • Yes its so 70s but here it looks glamorous! I’ve named you a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.
    Congrats! visit my blog for details.

  • Happy Monday, Blushing Apples and Brilliant Asylum :)

    Was over for dinner at a friend’s this weekend and she has a shag rug and it just looked so pretty and cozy and a little bit retro, which made me reconsider them as well.

  • Shags are so fun. If only I were brave enough to put one in my living room…

  • this images are fabulous :D now i am def. re-considering one

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