{through the looking glass}


{through the looking glass}

Ever since the new romantic post, which featured an oversized mirror leaning against a wall, have been taken with the dramatic statement it makes, and how it opens up a room and adds light.

{through the looking glass}
{through the looking glass}
{through the looking glass}
{through the looking glass}

(images: beach studios & Your Home As a Santuary)

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  • Your lifestyle or taste determines what the focal point of your living area is. If you have a fireplace, you can rearrange your furniture around it. Or if you have a piano, and this is the focal point of your living area, your furniture could be set around it. When rearranging your furniture, also consider traffic in your Living Room Decoration area. It is always good to arrange furniture in off-square angles. This makes the room warmer and more casual.

  • Thanks mélanie and suzy!

  • Geat post – love those huge mirrors – what a statement!

  • I always put some big miror on the floor . I love the look it gives to a room . I love the iron armchair in one of the picture

  • Thanks laurab! Actually, a reader pointed out that Restoration Hardware has one similar to the one featured in my the new romantic post post so someday could be sooner than you think :)

    Thanks so much for visiting and for the lovely comments, paloma!

  • I agree that this is a great look. The rooms you posted are fabulous. I really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  • Ooh great post. I’ve been noticing these a lot recently and love the elegant look of a long lean mirror! Some day I will own one….

  • Thanks, Sarah! I completely agree and just realized that my post on Jacqueline Appel also uses an oversized mirror in her living room. I’m going to keep an eye out for large mirrors on my next antiquing trip.

  • Happy Tuesday, brilliant asylum, and yes, I’m into that lucite table too :)

  • Welcome to my site, missallfun!
    So glad you found me and thanks so much for the kind words. I’d love it if you visit as part of your daily routine! Also, thanks so much for the highlight on your lovely blog–just noticed that we like many of the same things!

  • I love this post! An exquisite tall mirror leaning against the wall is SO beautiful to me…one of my favorite design elements.

  • Beautiful. I love that lucite table too.

  • oH I just found you and adore your style. I just highlighted your site on me) keep up the fantastic work and cant wait to visit your site in my daily routine

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