Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 24.06.24
Allison Crawford

IT IS FINALLY and officially summertime! And it’s been really hot. It’s also the Euros, so there has been a lot of football on lately and P’s been making marvellous food and snacks to go with the matches. As you know, I am a very girlie-girl, but as you may not know, I’m also very easy-going about watching sports with P. (I may even shout out things like, “Foul” and “That was offside” at the screen if the mood strikes.) Scotland got put out tragically and dramatically on Sunday afternoon, so the mood was rather glum for a bit. We’ve also watched a few films as well over the past weekends, and you can read my short film reviews at our Weekly Newsletter, which, this past week, went out to all subscribers. (It’s the monthly free one.) Aside from that, we’ve been on some summer bicycle rides and soaking up the nice weather in case anything changes. It is England, afterall, and clouds and rain are always lurking somewhere nearby. We also redesigned the homepage for the site to make it a little easier to find things. That’s all for now. (P.S. There are also two shopping posts here & here that you may have missed.)

This week’s links include the ultimate Paris Guide, curated by the editors of Vogue (just in time for the Olympics); a Georgian townhouse in Clerkenwell, and the best new restaurants around the world; a recycled cotton baby tee and striped shorts for summer days, and much, much more.


P.S. past weekend links

This Week's Links

• The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide, as Curated by Vogue Editors

• Black in the summertime: this top with this bikini top and these pants

• A Georgian townhouse in Clerkenwell

• At Home: this Stainless Steel Side Table & this Reed Rattan Table Lamp

• The Best New Restaurants in the World: 2024 Hot List

• Because it’s hot out there: the Body Wash & this Sunscreen Serum

• As the World Churns: Why Butter Molds and Sculptures Are Everywhere

• For summer days: this Recycled Cotton Baby Tee & these Striped Shorts

• A ‘no buy’ movement is teaching people how to kick their shopping habit

• All white: this Tank Top & these Drawstring Pants