Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 17.06.24

TWO MONTHS ago, I wrote an essay exploring the concept of baggage (emotional and otherwise). In the past two weeks, I’ve been on a cathartic journey of sorts, parting with possessions that once held sentimental value by selling them on eBay and Vinted. Unexpectedly, I found wonderful satisfaction in giving the items I once loved a new home, and in discovering such a demand for so many of my belongings. Had I known the liberating feeling this process would bring, I might not have so hastily donated ten large boxes to charity shops a few months ago—but at the time, my sole focus was to declutter and purge. The weather has finally settled into dependably lovely days, something that seemed to take longer this year than usual. Last week, my newsletter edition for Paid Subscribers—about deleting my online life—resonated deeply with many of you, striking a chord that reverberated through our shared digital experiences. I’ve had so many ideas for thought-provoking essays and think pieces floating around in my head, but I never found the time to actually write them down before. This summer, that’s going to change. With more free time on my hands, I’ll finally get a chance to put those ideas into words and really explore them on the page and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

This week’s links include a new look at carbs, and French dining in New York; gingham shirts and Marnie sunglasses for the weekend; finding the balance between telling it like it is and good people skills; Japan’s hidden snack bars, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

• Are carbs really the enemy?

• For summer days: this Linen Dress & this 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace

• How French fine dining ate New York

• For the weekend: this Gingham shirt & these Marni Sunglasses

• Find the balance between telling it like it is and good people skills

• Wardrobe Staples: this Trench & this Bamboo Mini Bag

• Why does everyone want to dress like Katie Holmes?

• For cool summer nights: this Jumper & these Blue Jeans

• Hidden treasure: Japan’s Snack Bars

• Perfect Pairs: this Leopard Print Midi Dress & these summer Sandals