Notes from the Weekend

& a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 21.11.22
Zara Home

WE’VE BEEN in hibernation mode for the past few weeks now, many cups of coffee on chilly mornings, cashmere sweaters and puffer vests and tall leather boots making regular rotations on these wet, windy days. All is cosy indoors though, with candles and lamplight and there’s something about autumn weather that’s perfect for staying in and getting a lot of work done without being lured outside by sunshine and good weather. These days lend themselves to productivity and organisation and watching old films when the work is done. Was going through Instagram photos from an old account of life here in the English countryside and got caught up in all the beautiful moments of the past four or so years that we’ve been here. We’ve been lucky to live in such a beautiful place where all the rhythms of the changing seasons and passing of time play out so romantically. It made me feel thankful, looking back.

This week’s links include beautiful Still Life art for the kitchen and cashmere turtleneck jumpers for winter days; 31 ways to decorate with Christmas foliage, party dresses for holiday soirées, and much, much more.



{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* 31 ways to decorate with Christmas foliage

* For Holiday Soirées: this Metallic Silk-Blend Dress & this Allover Ruffle Dress

* From the Archives: A Festive Holiday Slideshow

* For the Kitchen: Still Life No.03 and Still Life No.04

* 40 fonts that will be popular with designers in 2023

* Holiday Inspiration for your tabletop: this Set of Espresso Cups & this Brass Shell Dish

* The Enchanting Mudbrick Home that Found Its Way Back Into the Family

* For Winter Days: this Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Jumper & these Knee-High Boots