Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 08.08.22
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THIS WEEK MAY be the best of the summer, with warm sunny days in the forecast and we can’t wait to spend most of it outside. The countryside has become very quiet, so we’re assuming that everyone has taken off for seaside towns to make the most of what may be summer’s final act. Perhaps Brighton or Bournemouth or St. Brélade’s Bay or Bigbury-on-Sea. Or somewhere in Devon. In France, Italy, and Spain, the shops are shut and everyone has gone away for the entire month of August, which means all of our suppliers and ateliers are on holiday, something we learned the hard way when we first launched Belgrave Crescent from our flat in Edinburgh in 2014. It’s a rhythm we’ve grown accustomed to and rather love⏤this sudden slowing down to enjoy the last summer month. Everything seems possible when you slow things down a little. P.S. Many of you have asked where my French bamboo flatware is from and I bought mine here in England (ordered in from Paris), but I’ve just discovered that you can also order it here.

This week’s links include the best restaurants in London and a fun and easy DIY; oversized cotton trenches for cool August nights; the beautiful English countryside, and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* Best restaurants in London: Our editors’ favourites right now

* For summer days: this Striped Knit Sweater & these Le Hardy Wide-Leg Jeans

* Weekday Wanderlust: The Beautiful English Countryside

* For cool August nights: this Oversized Cotton Trench & these Flare-Leg Jeans

* ‘casa azul’ by studio mk27 is built among protected nature

* In the kitchen: this chic Espresso Coffee Machine & these Painted-Handle Fine China Mugs

* DIY: an easy and affordable pendant light

* For your feet: these sheer Ribbed Socks & these Gucci Ankle Socks