Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 07.10.19

CAME ACROSS an old (2018) article about how Instagram has killed the art of lifestyle blogging and was surprised to read that Instagrammers are now referring to themselves as bloggers. Bloggers, of course, in the original sense of the word, were those of us with actual blogs (web + log) or websites and also happened to have an Instagram account alongside. Instagrammers (also known as Influencers), on the other hand, have never had a website, communicating solely through their Instagram accounts, which, the article states, carries its own risks, for “…while Instagram may be at the crux of influencer commerce right now, social media platforms always have the power to flip an algorithmic switch, drastically affecting the way creators monetize their content overnight.” These and other thoughts―about time spent online, the changing face of blogs, and the (fading) usefulness of Instagram in general have been floating through my mind recently…

This week’s links include check woven blazers and satin trenches; a recipe for Mushroom “Scallops” in a Warm Pesto Pool and the Art of Negotiation; leather dresses and ankle boots and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* BIG reveals penthouses in Toronto‘s plant-covered King complex

* At the office: this Checked Woven Blazer / these Straight-Leg Trousers / & these Drop Earrings

* Studio Arthur Casas perches RS Apartment above Rio de Janeiro‘s Ipanema beach

* For the weekend: this Satin Trench Coat / this Wicker Bag / & these Baroque Pearl Earrings

* The Art of Negotiation

* For autumn days: this Leather Mini Dress & these Ankle Boots

* Recipe: Mushroom “Scallops” in a Warm Pesto Pool

* For the weekend: these Organic Cotton Straight Jeans & this Cable-Knit Mohair-Blend Sweater