Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 23.09.19

LAST NIGHT I spilled an entire newly-filled Brita over my iMac keyboard and while it worked after the incident, the next morning, the spacebar (Have you ever tried typing a paragraph without a spacebar?), the enter and delete keys, the apostrophe (and perhaps more) were no longer working. In hindsight, should have dried it out facedown overnight, but as it is now, it is most likely ruined, never to return to the way it was. On Friday morning, we left for London―as you may have seen on Instagram and Stories―ahead of a meeting with a friend from Spain on Sunday morning, and thought we might get a couple of nights away at the same time. It was the most beautiful day on Saturday, warm enough for drinks in the early autumn sun along the Thames. We walked our favourite neighbourhoods, went for noodles in Shoreditch, found the cosiest pubs, a and wonderful new favourite spot for dinner in Soho, spent as little time online as possible and, in fact, hardly worked at all… It was, in short, a perfect weekend.

This week’s links include beautiful décor inspiration and leather pants for autumn days; the best podcasts for a brain upgrade, a recipe for Vichyssoise with herbs and cream, and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* A dark, claustrophobic house transformed in to a calm, light-filled space

* For autumn days, leather pants: High Waisted & Pleated

* The Best Podcasts for a Brain Upgrade

* At the Office: these Fluid Wool Stretch Trousers & this Alpaca Wool Blend Jumper

* 40 Funny Finalists from the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

* For autumn weekends: this Primrose Yellow Lace Dress & this best-selling Wicker Bag

* Recipe: Vichyssoise with herbs and cream

* Perfect Pairs: this Long Cotton Mac & these Adidas Trainers

* After a Slump, Paris’s Most Famous Flea Market Rebounds