Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 09.09.19

WE SPENT MOST of the last week in Edinburgh on business, and have also been slowly emptying out the contents of our storage unit there, which means for the most part of the past few days, have been buried under an avalanche of old photographs and letters, and even came across a diary by my fourteen-year-old self. It’s been strange and exhausting living in the past, but it has also been an exercise in deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, what’s really important and what I really can’t live without. This week, all of our hard work will, if all goes well, finally pay off and we’ll be heading into the weekend with a sense of accomplishment and will be able to have our first completely relaxing few days off in a while and we can’t wait. But for now, we’re excited to be working on many new things this fall for TIG, and have also, at long last, added all the songs from past Weekend Playlists to our new Spotify account at your request, which you can find here

This week’s links include the 7 best walks around London and living to a 100; cable knits and turtlenecks, a recipe for Ricotta Toast with English Pea & Radish Seed Shoots and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* Travel: The 7 Best Walks Near London

* For autumn days: this Cosy Turtleneck & this Flat Top Ring

* Colour Story: White on White

* At the office: this chic Trench Coat and this Bamboo & Wicker Bag

* Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100

* Summer into Fall: these Strappy Open Toe Mules & this Silky Beige Blazer

* Décor: This Entrepreneur Gives Beach Life A Stripped-Back, Stylish Edit

* For winter days: this Cable Knit Sleeve Midi Dress or this Bobble Pattern Cardigan

* Recipe: Ricotta Toast with English Pea & Radish Seed Shoots

* Pretty, pretty: this Alpaca Coat & all pearls all the time