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June 2019 | Shopping: A Few Things on our List for Summertime


Weekend Edition | Shopping: A Few Things on our List for Summertime

OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME and from ruffled mules in summer's favourite colour to natural rattan cane serving trays for drinks en plein air; linen wrap mini dresses and drop earrings made of the most romantic South Sea pearls; broderie anglaise and layers of tulle in a pleated day skirt, here are a few things on our shopping list lately...

June 2019 | Shopping: A Few Things on our List for SummertimeWeekend Edition | Shopping: A Few Things on our List for Summertime

Cayman Pendant $498


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I MUST CONFESS that I have a thing for beautiful packaging, so when Hermès announced the next chapter in their beauty range—a new nail enamel collection—I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist.

Holiday Gift Inspiration No. 01: Cocktail Sets, Cashmere Throws & More

IT IS THAT TIME of year again, the time for wreaths and fairy lights and holiday films and bits of gift wrap and ribbon and shortbread cookies everywhere. We saw an Instagram comment by someone yesterday stating that she might get drunk and put up the tree tonight (it was a Tuesday). Yes, regular hours and workdays fade away during this time of year, which is decidedly more free-flowing and therefore, festive …

November Inspiration for Cosy Winter Nights

A SCHOOL FRIEND once remarked that I was good at seasons, and when I thought about it, I realised that she was right. I actually really do love to capture the feeling and moods of the changing seasons, the excitement that comes with arrival of the first snowdrops in winter, just as the days start to get longer, the way the sun’s rays deepen in colour at sunset. And at the other end of the spectrum, when summer fades into autumn, we realise with the changing leaves and cosy evenings with their flickering firelight, that endings can be beautiful too. We learn, every autumn what it is to let go…

Autumn/Winter Style Inspiration, Part 2

IT BEGAN WITH the image above, a Parisienne dressed in a belted trench with white ankle socks and loafers, things grew from there and before we knew it, we had another folder filled with autumn/winter style inspiration, from cosy shearling and pile to belted puffer coats, baseball caps with blazers and trench coats and extra long woollen scarves, jumpers worn as scarves, clogs and capes, ultra-light cashmere sweaters and more …

Style Inspiration for Late-September’s Blustery Days

WHILE IT HAS been sunny lately and all the leaves are still wonderfully green with only a few touches of yellow here and there, and only a few that have fallen along pathways and around the foot of signs at coffee and ice cream shops, it was blustery today. The kind of blustery wind that has a coolness attached to it, the kind that is meant to shake leaves from trees and carry them away …