Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 08.04.19

THERE IS A BOWL of orange blossoms on my desk exuding the most astonishingly lovely scent. We picked the blossoms from the orange grove in the gardens yesterday, as had thought I might make orange blossom water. That it, before finding that distilled water and nearly three weeks in the sun in a closed mason jar would be required (from one account of how to make the water) and it all seemed a little complicated and there were too many materials to pick up and so the blossoms sit in their natural state in a pretty bowl, fragrant and elegant, reminding me to stop working and get outside in the spring sunshine for a bit. At The Shop, we’ve finally launched a new line of fine art prints (link below) that we’ve been planning for over a year now. There are only a few pieces so far, but there’s more to come, as well as paintings from the same talented artist. As for outside of work, there are adventurous new plans there as well…

This week’s links include a deliciously English interior in the Cotswolds, new Fine Art Prints at the shop; pleated linen for the office, 72 hours in London and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Décor: A Deliciously English Interior in the Cotswolds [House & Garden]

* Chic New Fine Art Prints at The Shop

* If I had my life to live over again [Swiss Miss]

* At the Office: these pleated linen pants & this linen blazer

* Travel: 72 Hours in London [Honestly WTF]

* For Spring Days: this Pleated Crepe Skirt & this Wicker Tote

* What you’ve been pinning lately…

* Makeup Kit Farvourites: this lumizer & this lip balm