Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 07.01.19

WHILE WE WERE ready (excited even!) to get back to work and our regular schedules on January 2, here in Spain, the festivities were still going strong for a while longer, until after El Día de Los Reyes, on the 6th. Until then, there was still drinking and merriment, and holiday shopping for gifts to be exchanged. So today, the first Monday of the new year, we’re fully back and feeling actually really well-rested and refreshed after some much-needed time off. I wrote a few New Year’s thoughts and wishes as well as five New Year’s Resolutions a few days ago—you can read them here, in case you missed. 2019 is going to be a wonderful year.

This week’s links include beautiful bouquets and wool turtlenecks for winter days; a new Instagram account to follow, pink salt, free audio books to download and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* Floral Design: A Wedding In Versailles By Trille Floral [The Belgrave Journal]

* For winter days: this Wool Turtleneck (thanks, Daniela!) & these Pearl Studs

* Download Six Free Audiobooks Narrated by Celebrities [Open Culture]

* The year has only just begun and the Hemingway Travel Case is already a bestseller

* Instagram Account to follow: @__nitch

* For the office: this powder blue Belted Coat / these White Denim Trousers / & these Pearl Hoops

* Restaurant Announces It Will Only Accept Reservations Via Mail [Grub Street]

* For the weekend: this cosy Cashmere Sweater & these chic Diamond and Pearl Studs

* How Pink Salt Took Over Millennial Kitchens [The Atlantic]

* Chic, chic: these Pleated Straight-Leg Jeans & this Denim Maxi Overcoat