The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018


The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018
The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018

While we’re getting ready for a festive month, in some cities the first snowfall has already been celebrated, and morning coffee is being taken more and more often under the covers, even though I just discovered a pretty café in my neighbourhood.

Here in Paris the days are fading rapidly, but we are enjoying some pretty romantic sunsets while walking longing La Seine.

Avenue Montaigne already sparkles in gold, while the Champs Elysées is in red. Shop Windows are filled with fairy lights and garlands.

Christmas preparations will soon be quite intensive, and while you can find thousands of gifts ideas for your dear ones, here is a wishlist of beautiful things for your own self-care.

The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018

The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018
Augustine Bader The Cream
The Edit: Our Paris Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018
Biologique Recherche Masque Visolastine +

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Daniela Chelariu, Travel Editor, Paris
Travel Editor, Paris

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