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At The Shop | In the Atelier With: Hestia Jewels


As you know, at The Shop, we have vastly expanded the range of items available to include a rather exquisite selection of jewellery. And so, to highlight all the new lines we carry, we're bringing you this series to showcase the talented créateurs we're currently working with. This week, we're featuring the beautifully crafted and timeless fine jewellery by Hestia Jewels.

Toronto-based Hestia Jewels embodies artisanal craftsmanship and everyday timeless essentials. The name of the brand, Hestia, comes from the ancient Greek goddess of the hearth, architecture, home and family. The brand's focus is on producing beautifully crafted, affordable fine jewellery for women and men to cherish and pass down for generations to come. Hestia Jewels only uses graded conflict-free diamonds and precious stones and only 14K-18K Gold and VS clarity + G colour ethical diamonds.

The company's core value is to capture the happiness and joy that comes with owning a piece of jewellery that represents the feelings, celebrations, and milestones in one's life.

At The Shop | In the Atelier With: Hestia Jewels

Since diamonds were discovered around 2500BC, the precious gems have been at the heart of many myths and legends across the world. In ancient cultures, they have been associated with positive virtues such as strength, wealth, health, power and love.

Introducing The Neo Classic Collection

18th century Greeks and Italians lived their everyday lives through the energies of order, balance, and harmony. Virtues became the pillars of art and culture, forming values where simple elegance and energies became integrated into everyday forms. Inspired by Palladio's architecture and discreet craft, each piece in the new Neo Classic Collection is handmade in Italy, the birthplace of the neoclassical movement. Reimagined classics with a custom twist, geometric cuts and gemstone properties are combined to find the perfect balance of modern proportions, symbolism, and style. Mix and match, or wear the gem bar drops with your own studs.

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