Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 15.10.18

EVEN THOUGH the weather has cooled a little, Saturday was one of those warm autumn days where the sky is an aching shade of blue and there’s nothing one can do but end up at the beach. We packed a picnic and arrived in late afternoon. The tourists and children (who never seem to feel the cold) were the only few who were in the water, which has become rather chilly now, but the sand was still faintly warm and the sun still golden on our skin. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen the crashing waves of the Mediterranean in our Stories. Romantic beach picnics aside, we also saw the much-hyped A Star is Born (2018). I liked it quite a bit more than P, and neither of us have seen the four (or so) previous incarnations. There were some sweet moments, I think, although P would most likely disagree. We keep saying we should do a podcast of his & hers film reviews.

At TIG, we introduced a new Vintage section this weekend on Instagram, which was met with much enthusiasm and are working hard to add more items to The Shop, as they are very quickly selling out. We are also working on an easier way for readers to find their favourite features on the site, so we’re building a master list on our About page. It’s still a work in progress, but it may make finding the more obscure features a little easier.

This week’s links include a country house in Wiltshire, cosy pink sweaters and chic belted coats, travel ideas for October, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Décor: A Country House in Wiltshire [The Belgrave Journal]

* Always Chic: Pearls & Gold [

* Travel Ideas for Now: October 2018 [Condé Nast Traveller]

* For Autumn Days: this Cosy Pink Sweater & these Gold Pearl Hoops

* Tour Jenni Kayne’s Rustic & Airy Cali Home [One King’s Lane]

* At the Office: this Chic Belted Coat & these Animal Print Pumps

* 8 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn’t Be Refrigerating [basically]

* Two Turtlenecks: Fine-Knit Cashmere & Merino Wool