Playlist 18.11.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 18.11.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 18.11.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 18.11.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Glassio – Daydream (feat. NAKAYA)

Maybe you’re in the mood to dance and just want to settle in and relax. If that’s the case, then relative newcomers Glassio‘s new single, “Daydream”, is the song for you, and like the title says it feels just like a dream. The song features LA-based R&B/hip hop vocalist NAKAYA, whose sultry vocals turn this electronic number into an intimate affair. It is a dazzler of a tune that will have you imagining what the weekend holds.

The band shares a bit about their newest release:

“We were imagining Dre and AIR making a record together,” the duo explains. “‘Daydream’ is a personal ode to the times we’re living in – or for some – the times we’re fast asleep to.”

Glassio are two internationally-raised songwriters Sam R. (Dubai/London) and Charles Pinel (Paris), who obviously share an affinity for electronic music. However, if you look on their Facebook, they list everyone from Paul McCartney to Barry White to Brian Wilson to 50 Cent to Daft Punk as influences.

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Kelly Lee Owens – More Than A Woman

Kelly Lee Owens has shared the full studio version of her take on Aaliyah’s classic single ‘More Than A Woman’.

The Welsh-born artist has been performing the cover in her live set, twisting and turning those string samples inside out.

The final studio version features some imposing low-end, while Kelly’s vocal continually pirouettes up into the heavens.

Kelly Lee Owens explains: “My love and respect for Aaliyah as an artist / vocalist and Timbaland as a producer increased ten fold as I picked the track apart and understood how intricate and layered everything was. I chose to combine my favorite elements of the original track with my love of analogue production – a stripped down version, and an ode to Aaliyah, one of the greatest.”

As a bonus, Kelly has also remixed the track: “The remix of my cover was something I wanted to write and produce that gave the original track new life, and also gave people a sense of power – it’s unapologetic.”

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Floating Points – Ratio (Radio Edit)

In 2015 Sam Shepherd – aka Floating Points – released his break out, debut Elaenia. Earlier this year he followed up the album with Reflections – Mojave Desert, a short film and soundtrack featuring tracks recorded in the Mojave Desert. Today the polymathic producer is pleased to announce his latest project, “Ratio;” an epic track bordering on 19-minutes that harks back to his earlier dance floor focus releases. Over the course of the summer Floating Points has developed Ratio as part of his solo live electronic show at festivals around the world. The track has fast become a fan favorite, a true highlight of the set.

“Ratio” will be released on October 19th. The full length version will be available on all digital platforms. The track will also be available on vinyl, presented as a deconstructed mix of the 18+ minutes. The A side of the vinyl will feature the track in two parts: the first nine minutes being identical to the digital version, followed by solely the organ section of the second half. The vinyl’s B Side in contrast will feature the beat/drums and bassline of the second half of the track in isolation.

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Nabihah Iqbal (formerly Throwing Shade) – Something More

On her weekly NTS showNabihah Iqbal plays a thrillingly eclectic selection of music from around the world. A recent episode focused on the Japanese electronic pioneer Ikutaro Kakehashi, one mixed in Arabic traditional music with field recordings, and another was themed on global bass. In her own music as Throwing Shade she’s capitalized on this interest in wide-ranging genres, from the wry, repetitive electronics of “hashtag IRL,” to aerated dream-pop on “Honeytrap,” and the relentless club banger “Chancer.”

Now, Iqbal is shifting gears again. Today, she announces her debut full-length album, which is titled Weighing of the Heart (due Dec 1 on Ninja Tune) and teams post-punk beats and psychedelic synths with vocals that peek through layers of blissed-out reverb. In a statement, Iqbal notes that “the change to my real name feels like moving forward,” and she’s right. It’s her most accomplished release to date, focusing on her precise guitar playing and foregrounding her assured vocals. The hypnagogic lead single “Something More” — premiering on The FADER today — is one of the catchiest tracks, with a taut pop structure and lyrics which ponder how easy it is to be dissatisfied with the way our lives are going.

Over email, Iqbal explained: “‘Something More’ is a song about a universal feeling that everyone shares, even if they try to hide or ignore it. It’s about how true happiness and freedom only exist in the dimension of our fantasies, dreams, and private thoughts. The reality of our physical existence constantly leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and yearning for ‘something more,’ even though we’ll never find a way to remedy these feelings. Of course we should be truly grateful for whatever we have, and we should appreciate the world around us. But I still feel there is an innate sense of wanting more embedded within the human psyche — in fact it is this what makes us strive, and motivates us to want to live and enjoy life. I tried to juxtapose the sombre lyrics with dreamy, upbeat instrumentation as a way of mimicking the way in which so much of reality is packaged and presented to us from a young age.”

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Billie Eilish – Bitches Broken Hearts

Showcasing star quality can take years for a new artist, but Los Angeles-based artist Billie Eilish is a natural. She’s only 15 years old, but she’s had an insane 2017 and songs/videos like “Bellyache” and “Ocean Eyes” have racked up tens of millions of plays. Billie’s been selling out shows around the world, winning over fans and media outlets alike, and she’s on her way to becoming a household name. Today she keeps things moving with a new release, the slow-burning “Bitches Broken Hearts.”

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