At Home With Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes, New York City

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Interior Redux | At Home With Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes, New York CityTHIS WEEK’S Interiors Redux is from five years ago, in 2012, New York City. Freelance writer and editor, Brad Goldfarb, invited Architectural Digest into the space he shared with Alfredo Paredes, an executive vice president and the chief retail creative officer at Ralph Lauren, who was responsible for guiding the creation of the company’s renown atmospheric environments, everything from store design to product presentation.

While Goldfarb may have at one time been a special projects editor at Architectural Digest and the executive editor of Interview magazine (2001 to 2009), in his own words, “When you live with a gifted designer, as I have for close to 25 years, it makes sense to defer to the expert on matters of nest building.” And so, it was Paredes who would design this East Village duplex, with a vision that Goldfarb would describe as “an artist’s garret” but would also evoke “the romantic mood and spirit of ’20s California architecture—buildings like the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, with its stone floors and Gothic arches”.

New York–based architect Michael Neumann and his project manager, Jairo (Jay) Camelo would collaborate on the project, as they had on previous ones. Click through for a glimpse …






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