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Playlist 04.12.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend


Playlist 04.12.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 04.12.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 04.12.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend

The xx – On Hold

The xx have dropped the video for their upcoming album I See You’s first single, “On Hold.” The new release comes after their Saturday Night Live gig earlier this month. Directed by Alasdair McLellan, the video was shot in Marfa, Texas. It follows the song’s sunlit atmosphere by offering shots at couples enjoying their relationships and the band performing while silhouetted by the sunset. They even joyride a shopping cart, too.

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OUTFIT – Slowness 

Liverpool’s Outfit have been knocking around for most of this decadewithout making any great impression on the world. Perhaps it’s because their music sounds so unassertive and uninsistent at first: songs seem half-formed, with cool synths, piano, skeletal rhythms, a keening voice – and little more. It’s very much in the vein of what one music writer recently called “white pyjama music” – the unashamedly wimpy end of early 80s mainstream pop, in which groups such as the Lotus Eaters laid their hearts bare. The more you listen, however, the more compelling it becomes. There’s a self-flagellatory edge to the lyrics – “I try to do the right thing, always do the wrong thing” – that stops them from being merely mopey. And the those half-formed songs reveal themselves to be complete, but not burdened with unnecessary adornment. By the time the closer, Swam Out, heads into its grand, sweeping coda, you’ll be entranced.

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Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude (Tourist Remix)

As the end of 2016 approaches, things are by no means slowing down in the world of Tourist. Following the release of his incredible debut album U, to working his magic on a pulsating remix of Shura‘s What’s It Gonna Be, it’s little to no surprise that we have touted the man as the future of electronic music. On Friday, Tourist had announced ‘New music on BBR1 Tonight’ with news that he in turn once again worked magic upon a name that has certainly seen big things from 2016 also, Christine and the Queens.

No it’s not Titled (you know, that little song that shot Christine from a quiet Frenchy to an international star), it’s another song from her 2015 self titled record, Saint Claude. Tourist is a master at perfectly capturing that progressive electronic flow, with Saint Claude‘s original structure still well and truly intact. Can 2017 start already because we can already see his remix of Saint Claude slotting nicely in amongst the rest of that beautiful live show come Laneway Festival next year!

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Rationale – Prodigal Son

Rationale first appeared on our radar last year with excellent tunes like “Fast Lane” and “Re.up.” Since then he has become a breakout star and is now planning to release his debut album in 2017.

Today he’s here with his new single “Prodigal Son,” which he describes as “an autobiographical song that came around accidentally. It explores my relationship with my biological father at first but if I’m really honest, it also explores the relationship that a lot of my friends have with their absent fathers.”

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Tycho – Division

Tycho is a couple of years removed from his fourth and most recent ambient post-rock epic, Awake, and it looks like he’s putting a close to that era. The San Francisco-based producer just shared a short documentary about the making of that album, and has posted his first new track in a while. “Division” is a characteristically cerebral mood piece that builds up to some wonderfully scratchy dissonance and a needling riff that cuts through all that.

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