Holiday Inspiration | How To: Decorating with Winter Whites


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Holiday Inspiration | Decorating with winter whites

In a world full of busyness and colour, it’s sometimes a luxury just to take a step back and meditate on the simplest of things. Like an ethereal all white room perhaps.

There may be an inherent simplicity in the design of a white room but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s easy to pull together. One of the tricks is to mix a myriad of white shades together—palest taupe, silvery white, putty white, off white, creamy white, palest grey. And the other trick is to ensure that you mix lots of different textures together—slubby linens, soft wools, painted wood, glass, smooth plaster, marble, porcelain, muslin; in that way your room will retain lots of interest without becoming flat or sterile. In the winter months in particular, white is a lovely counterpoint to the darker days outside, but do layer in lots of extra soft textures like faux fur and cashmere to ensure it feels cosy too.

A white kitchen has long been a popular choice and it’s the perfect spot to take time out to make a comforting soup or a warming casserole especially when it’s dark and cold. In the kitchen, white crockery is always a perfect choice no matter what food you are serving as it allows the food to take its rightful place at centre stage, and white crockery always makes a delightful display in a glazed cabinet or on a traditional plate rack.

There is a purity to white, reminiscent of clouds, sea foam and snow and it evokes a soothing sense of calm. Click through the images which follow and see if you don’t feel just a little more at peace by the time you reach the end . . . Louise

{PS: Click here for a great primer on choosing the perfect white paint for your home from the wonderful Studio McGee who use white to perfection in their elegant, airy schemes.}

Images above via Chateau Chic (left) & lookslikewhite

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Louise Keane, Contributor This Is Glamorous
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Louise Keane grew up beside the sea in Dublin, inspiring a life-long love of the coast. She studied French and History of Art & Architecture in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to London to work first in publishing and then in Marketing & PR. After a move to Edinburgh, she decided to heed a creative urge which had been tugging at her sleeve for a number of years, and she retrained as an interior designer. While studying interior design, Louise discovered a love of pen and ink with watercolour illustration, which she now does alongside her interior design work. Louise runs her interior design company, Amalfi White Living, which offers her clients a fresh, elegant style, mixing vintage and modern pieces for a luxurious yet relaxed look. She dreams of renovating a white house by the sea.