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Style Inspiration: for the Love of Leopard Print


Style Inspiration: For the Love of Leopard Print
Belgrave Crescent | Saint-Tropez Zip in Leopard

Animal print has been a part of fashion and décor for many years: well-travelled, worldly and exotic, it was a symbol of wealth and status. Fabrics with patterns and colours imitating the coats of animals were made fashionable as early as the eighteenth century, and it is thought that animal print became popular in the United States in the late 1960’s, during the Bohemian movement.

We here at This Is Glamorous have long adored the pattern, and prefer to mix it with gold and white or pale pinks both in the closet and at home. The pattern also works surprisingly well with florals such as chintz. Here are a few of our favourite examples of how to use the pattern, whether in strappy sandals or a long coat, a zip pouch for travels or on armchairs, ottomans, or chic, chic wallpaper . . .

Alexa Chung pairs leopard with a white dress & black strappy sandals; shop similar coats here & here & here & here

Style Inspiration: For the Love of Leopard Print

Above, a room in the Hôtel de JoBo with wallpaper by Pierre Frey; image via @lamaisonpierrefrey; shop coat below here

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Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

THE COTTAGE IS filled with vases overflowing with pink tulips on the bookcase, and pale pink roses on the desk in an effort to brighten things up, conjure up feelings of springtime. It’s freezing outside and apparently snowing all over Britain, just not here.

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Plum Syke’s English Countryside Cottage

I’VE HAD THESE PHOTOS of Plum Sykes’ home in the Cotswold Hills saved since it was featured in Vogue in the fall of 2016, while we were still living in the city, and long before we ourselves moved to a similar life in the English countryside. What I hadn’t realised was that this impossibly chic and cosy cottage was entirely new, but made to look like it has been there for centuries …

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Cologne, Germany’s electronic duo COMA today announced their new album Voyage Voyage will be released on November 22nd via City Slang, and shared an early preview via the video for first single “A-Train.”

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