At Home With: Collette Dinnigan in Sydney

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Décor Inspiration | At Home With: Collette Dinnigan in Sydney

When Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan announced in 2013 that she was retiring from Paris Fashion Week, you might have thought that meant a retreat for the busy designer. But thankfully for all of us who have loved catching glimpses of her immaculately beautiful homes over the years, this decision has allowed her to take on a myriad of new projects, most notably, a move into interior design.

She has already completed several interior design projects, her feminine, beachy style infused with a strong European sensibility. The imprint of her early fashion collections featuring wisp-thin slip dresses and diaphanous lace skirts has remained, now translated into delicate detailing on a dining chair, the scalloped edge of a bedspread or a flowing drape in soft pink.

The Sydney home showcased here was recently snapped up by a lucky buyer when Collette decided that she no longer needed such a big house after spending time in Rome with her family. Her plan is now to buy an old Italian farmhouse to restore and possibly find a smaller home in Sydney. The possibilities for more breathtaking interiors from this talented designer leave us excited to see what comes next . . .     Louise

PS For even more details of this home and an impressive fly-though, click here.



Images via McGrath

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