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Décor Inspiration | Places: Château la Durantie, France


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Décor Inspiration | Places: Château la Durantie, FranceThere are few buildings that can rival a French château for sheer romance. I featured the Château la Durantie in the Dordogne region of South West France a few months back here and recently stumbled on some glorious new photographs by the wonderfully talented Katie Mitchell that I just had to share. The Dordogne area, named for the river which flows through it, is a picturesque, rural area of France famous for its ancient villages and many beautiful châteaux.

Château la Durantie is a classic example of romantic mid-19th century French architecture and is built in the honey coloured stone of the area. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the grounds, enjoy the delectable colour palette of the interior featuring blue-greys and palest pinks and simply lose yourself in the magic of the place as you scroll through the images which follow . . .    Louise

Images via Katie Mitchell Photography

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