Interior Designer: Stephen Sills Associates

New York, New York

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“Modern design is a perspective, not a period. If you look at the past with a fresh but well-educated eye, it clarifies your sense of the present. A poetic juxtaposition of colors and textures with classical furnishings can be more original than the kind of shock-and-awe tactics that strip a room of its soul. The essence of poetry, after all, is revelation. I aim to orchestrate a subtle composition that unsettles conventional expectations.”

—Stephen Sills, Architectural Digest, November 2006


Stephen Sills Associates arose from Sills Huniford Associates (the pair parted ways in 2008), a prolific design studio that was in operation for over 25 years. Stephan Sills now runs his own firm and is an insanely talented decorator with undeniably exquisite taste. He was, after all, schooled on the finer points of interior design by Jacques Grange, the man many considered to be the world’s best living decorator (NY Mag).

Sills’ design philosophy is, “Original atmospheres for creative clients from the point of view of how they see themselves.” The designer approaches each project with a sensitivity to the architecture, function, and history of the space and a fresh approach to classicism, often bringing together furnishings that span four centuries mixed with innovative choices of surfaces, textures, and colours.

Over the course of his career, Sills’ clients have included Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, the Newhouse family, Tina Turner, The Starwood Properties/St. Regis, The Rockefeller family and the Connaught Hotel in London. The design firm’s current projects include private residences in Aspen, Palm Beach and New York.

Today, his ex-partner, James (Ford) Huniford runs his own firm, Huniford, which also offers a small collection of furniture.



All images from Stephen Sills Associates on Instagram & Architectural Digest (2)

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