At Home With: Carolyne Roehm, Connecticut

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Décor Inspiration | At Home With: Carolyne Roehm in Connecticut
Looking at the graceful lines, classical proportions and exquisite detailing of Carolyne Roehm’s Connecticut home, it is hard to imagine that it is not even 20 years old. It’s a true story of rebirth as this home was built on the site of the original 1765 house which was destroyed in a fire in 1999.

It takes huge amounts of heart and courage to take on such a daunting project and Carolyne admits that she did almost consider leaving it but then realised that it ‘could be a window to creating something that’s truly mine’. And let’s be thankful that she bravely undertook the complete rebuilding project because the resulting home is breathtaking.

Carolyne has infused her beautiful home with lots of light thanks to an abundance of large sash windows. And the light interior is further accentuated with painted floors and painted Gustavian furniture in place of heavier mahogany pieces. The home is Georgian down to its fingertips with its classical detailing and graceful symmetry but the refined interior is also layered with hints of Scandinavia and finished off with the blue and white china which Carolyne favours.

Surrounding the house are the glorious gardens for which Carolyne is also famed. Formal parterre gardens extend the classical lines of the house outward and neatly clipped Korean boxwood hedges provide pretty structured spaces for Carolyne’s roses to flourish.

In a world in thrall to modernity and technology, it’s a joy to celebrate classical beauty and values. Because of course in the end, that’s what is truly timeless . . .    Louise


Images via One Kings Lane

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