10 Images With: @_aya.lulu_, Paris (& sometimes Tokyo)

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News 26.05.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we rely on metaphor, as we always do when dealing with something new and unfamiliar. Metaphors are, by their nature, imperfect, but we still need to choose them carefully, because bad ones can lead us astray. For example, it’s become very common to compare powerful A.I.s to genies in fairy tales.

Places: Felicia’s Home Restaurant, Amalfi Coast

YOU MOST LIKELY have seen photos of this place floating around the interwebs. They are evocative, and they’ll make you want to drop everything and travel to the Amalfi Coast, if for no other reason, than to visit Felicia’s Home Restaurant, housed in the Tramonti farmhouse where your chef, Felicia, was born.

News 24.05.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

A few months ago, the writer Alice Sebold began to experience a kind of vertigo. She looked at a cup on the table, and it no longer appeared solid. Her vision fractured. Objects multiplied. Her awareness of depth shifted suddenly. Sometimes she glanced down and for a split second felt that there was no floor.

Displaying Art at Home: Leaning Instead of Hanging

IN THE NEW living room, there is a marble fireplace with a large mantel that we’re still trying to figure how to decorate. Currently, there is a large pelargonium in a terracotta pot on the lefthand side, as well as a tiny cutting from a larger epipremnum pictum argyraeus in a pot next to it.

News 22.05.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Increasingly, we’re surrounded by fake people. Sometimes we know it and sometimes we don’t. They offer us customer service on Web sites, target us in video games, and fill our social-media feeds; they trade stocks and, with the help of systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, can write essays, articles, and e-mails. By no means are these A.I. systems up to all the tasks expected of a full-fledged person. But they excel in certain domains, and they’re branching out.

Notes from the Weekend

THIS WEEKEND was one of those quintessential ones, all sunshine and water fountains, heady pink roses outside the gallery before taking in all the stunning unfinished Turners with their secrets and sunsets.