10 Images With: @_aya.lulu_, Paris (& sometimes Tokyo)

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News 27.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Time is not to be trusted. This should come as news to no one. Yet recent times have left people feeling betrayed that the reliable metronome laying down the beat of their lives has, in a word, gone bonkers. Time sulked and slipped away, or slogged to a stop, rushing ahead or hanging back unaccountably; it no longer came in tidy lumps clearly clustered in well-defined categories: past, present, future.

The Edit: What to Wear on a Warm Autumn Day

EARLY AUTUMN is one of those tricky times when the weather is still quite unpredictable. Early autumn in England is a time of transition, as the weather shifts from warm summer days to cooler, wetter conditions. This changeover period is notoriously difficult to predict, as weather systems become more variable—one day may be mild and sunny…

Interior Architecture with Julia Bimer, Warsaw

THERE IS a sense of calm in the spaces designed by Warsaw-based interior architect and CG artist Julia Bimer. While there is definitely restraint, it doesn’t feel oppressive.

News 25.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Today, as we navigate the transformative waves of AI, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era marked by similar uncertainties. However, this time the driving force isn’t merely economics — it’s the relentless march of technology, particularly the rise and evolution of AI.

Notes from the Weekend

ON THURSDAY we met up with an old friend who we hadn’t seen in over ten years. He was in London for only two days and thought we might meet for a pint and catch up. We choose that little pub in Belgravia that I told you about before. It was so good to see him again and we had such a nice time over mid-afternoon drinks…

News 22.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

SIX OR SEVEN years ago, I realized I should learn about artificial intelligence. I’m a journalist, but in my spare time I’d been writing a speculative novel set in a world ruled by a corporate, AI-run government. The problem was, I didn’t really understand what a system like that would look like.