Décor Inspiration | At Home With: Theadora Van Runkle, Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles


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Randomly happened across the kitchen (third slide) of this space on Pinterest and was immediately compelled to search for the rest of the home. As it turns out, it belonged to a woman by the name of Theadora Van Runkle, a costume designer whose most famous work began in the late sixties and included Bonnie and Clyde (her big break), the original The Thomas Crown Affair, The Godfather II, Peggy Sue Got Married, among others. Her home was this utterly charming cottage in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, where she lived and painted and collected beautiful things until her death in 2011 at the age of 82. The cottage was finally put up for sale by her son sometime last year. Click through for the most wonderfully eclectic intermingling of white walls and ceiling beams, chandeliers and Persian rugs, leopard lampshades and wicker chairs, canopy beds and china . . .



Images: photography by Amy Neunsinger via The Style Saloniste

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