An Apartment in Mallorca, Spain

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Décor Inspiration : An Apartment in Mallorca, Spain

SOMETHING DIFFERENT, today from our regular love of French and British décor: a warm and earthy home in Mallorca, Spain. This is the story of the Spanish architect Amador Calafat-Busquets, who, 32 years ago, fell in love with a German girl and moved to Hamburg, in northern Germany. There, a career was built and a happy family grew, but a part of his soul would always return to his native island. On cold winter nights in Hamburg, he would dream of his beloved Mallorca and long for the Mediterranean air, the scent of rosemary and the clear blue Spanish skies. It was one of those particularly chilly nights that he dreamed of a house in Mallorca, one in the architectural tradition of the island, made with local stone, clay tiles, wooden shutters and ceiling beams. Today, his dream has come true, for the family now has a holiday home in Santanyí, in the southeast of the island, and these are its rooms…

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