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05-Places | Skibo Castle, Scotland

SCOTLAND IS ONE OF THOSE places that gets under your skin, and we know this having unintentionally lived there for far longer than planned when we first landed in the midst of its misty emerald gardens and breathtaking, if brooding, skyline. It has been several months now since we’ve left for sunnier skies after a particularly bad summer, but there is something about the place that will always feel like home, and nothing brought on a twinge of nostalgia for those gloomy and romantic skies more than Skibo Castle, set deep in the Scottish highlands.

The name Skibo is Norse for ‘Fairyland of Peace’ and the castle, built by Scottish-born American 19th-century industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, sits on the site of an ancient Viking fort. Click through for a glimpse of this extraordinarily lovely place . . .


Photography by Jo Rodgers for Vogue

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