Décor Inspiration: Romantic Tropical & Island Style


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Décor Inspiration: Tropical Style

I thought I’d introduce a little bit of romantic tropical style into this week’s piece—picture palm fronds swaying in the warm scented breeze, frangipane flowers decorating a dining table, softly draped four poster beds and the colours of tropical fruits.

With the hot tropical sun, it’s best to start off with a pristine canvas of white walls and ceilings to bounce light around and keep things bright and fresh. Painted white beadboard used as a pretty wall covering, both inside and out, is something often seen in homes in the Bahamas and St Barths so it’s an idea worth borrowing. And this bright white backdrop is ideally offset with a dark wooden floor which is at once rich and grounding.

Then you can start to have fun layering in the details. And even if you are not lucky enough to reside in a tropical paradise complete with deserted white beaches and turquoise seas, you can always borrow elements from the inspirational images that follow: Try a banana leaf pattern framed as a piece of art or an upholstered headboard, for example. Or maybe add some romance to your bedroom with a simple wooden four poster bed draped in white muslin. Or even just add touches of pink reminiscent of luscious tropical fruits like guava and dragonfruit . . .  Louise 


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Louise Keane, Contributor This Is Glamorous
Interiors Editor, Edinburgh

Louise Keane grew up beside the sea in Dublin, inspiring a life-long love of the coast. She studied French and History of Art & Architecture in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to London to work first in publishing and then in Marketing & PR. After a move to Edinburgh, she decided to heed a creative urge which had been tugging at her sleeve for a number of years, and she retrained as an interior designer. While studying interior design, Louise discovered a love of pen and ink with watercolour illustration, which she now does alongside her interior design work. Louise runs her interior design company, Amalfi White Living, which offers her clients a fresh, elegant style, mixing vintage and modern pieces for a luxurious yet relaxed look. She dreams of renovating a white house by the sea.