A North Fork Saltbox Beach House, Long Island, New York

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01-At Home With | Designer Jennifer Vaughn Miller-This Is Glamorous

Texas native and interior designer, Jennifer Vaughn Miller, is a classically trained architect who now specializes in high-end residential and commercial interiors. Her philosophy is that she is “not one to dictate style. I believe every project should be tailored to fit my client’s lifestyle, with the location and the architecture both carefully considered. My design incorporates an array of rare objects that are carefully curated for each project.”

The designer has worked and lived in New York since 2002 and currently resides in New York City and the eastern end of Long Island, where this North Fork, two-bedroom saltbox beach house is located. Built in 1706, this weekend house is filled with charm and antiques. Click through for a glimpse . . .



via One King’s Lane

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