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Sydney, Australia-born Melissa Koch moved to New York City in 2005 to pursue design, attending the continuing education studies for Interior Design program at FIT. She would later join the design firm Cullman & Kravis, spending the next 9 years working on high-end residential projects in Manhattan, The Hamptons and Florida. The vast range of geographical locations and clients’ aesthetics would expand the Melissa’s understanding of design and affirm her love of classical interiors, in every interpretation. She says of her time at Cullman & Kravis, “They taught me how to interact and liaise with clients to understand their design aesthetic and functional needs. We used to call it ‘dating’! It’s getting to know the tastes and practicalities of each new client so that we can create a home that feels personal and individual. Most importantly, they taught me that you don’t need to sacrifice beauty or elegance to have a functional home. For Manhattan apartments we needed to be clever with space, utilising every square inch, while in Hamptons and Florida homes we needed interiors to be polished and chic, yet still had a sense of informality and most importantly, durability for entertaining house guests.”

In 2015, the designer moved back to Sydney and founded Melissa Koch Interiors, specialising in Modern Traditional interiors that are both timeless and elegant, and always reflective of the client’s personal identity, with a focus on a refined sense of space, scale and style developed through Melissa’s exposure to different cultures, places, and clients.

via Adore Home Magazine & Melissa Koch Interors, quotation from Adore Home Magazine

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