Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 20.06.16
a Strawberry Moon — have you ever heard of anything so lovely? Such a moon was named by the Algonquin tribe long ago to describe a June full moon signalling the beginning of strawberry season. This year, however, was extra special, as the Strawberry Moon (often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe and the Honey Moon) also coincided with summer solstice, a once in a lifetime event (the last occurrence was June 1967, and the next is not expected until June 21, 2062). Of course, in celebration of this rare event (and in celebration of summertime) we wandered the streets after midnight to the old bridge to bask in the Strawberry Moon’s impossibly romantic glow.

This past weekend we discovered a new take-away paella place in Russafa that has the most delicious dishes we have ever tasted. Of course, it was only my first proper Spanish paella experience and P’s second, but we were quite certain there could not possibly be any better, that is, until one of our friends here mentioned that he tried a place about a ten-minute drive from here that was tiny and on a lake and which he swore was for certain even better than ours. The lake is supposed to be a picturesque swimming spot, there are boat rides along the coast, and he may very well have a point, for that area is said to be the birthplace of the dish. There were also afternoons on our favourite terraces, leisurely dinners and perfect summer sunshine. More on that later, but for now, here are this week’s links . . .

Hope your week is off to a perfect start,

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A few lovely links :


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& of course, a few things you may have missed …


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* Notes from the Weekend & a few Lovely Links



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