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Design Inspiration: The Enduring Appeal of Gingham


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Design Inspiration: The enduring appeal of gingham

Fresh, unpretentious and unashamedly pretty, gingham is a fabric which has a long history and a popularity that shows no signs of waning. From the runways of Paris to the rustic tablecloths of a neighbourhood trattoria on a cobbled street in Rome, it has a universal appeal.

The origins of woven gingham are said to stretch back as far as the 17th century, when it actually began life as a striped fabric. The quintessential checked pattern was introduced during the 18th century and remains largely unchanged to this day. Although the pattern most closely associated with gingham is a smallish checked pattern, larger checks have also appeared, adding a new dimension to the classic design.

One of the particular beauties of the gingham pattern is its endless application in fashion and in décor, from the formal to the delightfully casual. Gingham is at home whether dressing a cottage interior or upholstering a Louis chair; adorning a pair of elegant court shoes or a summer dress.

I think the charming effects of the classic gingham design are best experienced visually, so take some time now to enjoy this inspiring journey through a world of gingham . . .



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