Décor Inspiration: Velvet, Check, Leopard Print & Stucco in Architectural Digest Italia


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01-AD Italia | Gennaio 2016-This Is Glamorous

As you know, we are in the midst of decorating our new apartment (read here if you missed) and at the moment, all that is known for certain is that one entire wall in the living room will be bookcases for the millions of design & décor books and classic novels we’ve brought along from city to city. This wall will also include a faux fireplace (the climate is too warm here for a real one) to showcase the beautiful gilded fireplace screen we picked up on impulse from the Sunday morning antiques market across the river a few months ago. Other than that, everything else is a blank slate and have been searching for inspiration any and everywhere lately, picking up the Italian version of Architectural Digest at our favourite bookshop in the winter for this STUNNING apartment (there are a few others as well, but more on that later). The patterns and textures — Persian and velvet, check and leopard print — not to mention the insanely beautiful stucco in all the rooms are the things of dreams . . .



Photos by Luis Ridao for AD Italia Gennaio 2016

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