Video: What Playtime with a Koala Bear Looks Like


IF YOU’VE EVER WONDERED what it might be like to cuddle a koala bear (and who hasn’t?), this adorable video will give you an idea. In recently released footage by the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, a koala joey named Harry runs to greet his favourite zookeeper, Tami Wilson during their scheduled playtime. Harry was orphaned when he was only four months old when his mother passed away from leukaemia. To ensure Harry’s survival, the zookeepers at Symbio gave Harry a surrogate mother who bonded with him instantly and both are doing well. Harry has also developed such a strong bond with Tami that at the mere sight of her, he will climb down from the trees in the sanctuary and run over to greet her. The video, at last count had over 10 million views, clearly capturing the hearts of the world . . .