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At Home With Tara Shaw in New OrleansDo you find yourself intrigued by how people started out on a particular path in life or in business? Well the story of Tara Shaw’s start in business is just brimming with romance.

Having grown up with a love both of antiques and of the hunt for the most beautiful things at the best prices, Tara was inspired to travel to Europe to buy antiques. Using her business acumen and her eye for beauty and good design, she filled a crate with French and Italian antiques which she had shipped back to New Orleans. Once she had contacted designers and possible buyers, she staged the antiques in a warehouse and within 15 minutes of opening the door had sold her first shipment in its entirety. Tara Shaw’s design business was born.

Today she still sells antiques, retaining her focus on the best European pieces. However, she was quick to realise that ‘one-of-a-kind treasures from Europe’ were beginning to disappear so she now offers reproductions of the most elegant pieces as the beautifully crafted ‘Tara Shaw Maison’.

Tara’s French style home in New Orleans is the perfect place to understand her look and really appreciate her eye for balance and beauty. She calls her style ‘Italian mixed with Swedish, with some French and some contemporary’. As with all great designers, she has the eye for a beautiful piece married with the ability to mix elements and textures together in harmonious yet surprising ways.

The neutral palette which predominates renders the whole effect extraordinarily calm and serene. Chalky whites, soft greys, gilt, palest lavender, chocolate and weathered wood. Nothing jars, all is restful and supremely elegant. Take a tour through her beautifully imagined world. . . —Louise



All images via Veranda with the exception of image 5, via Tara Shaw Maison

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Louise Keane, Contributor This Is Glamorous
Interiors Editor, Edinburgh

Louise Keane grew up beside the sea in Dublin, inspiring a life-long love of the coast. She studied French and History of Art & Architecture in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to London to work first in publishing and then in Marketing & PR. After a move to Edinburgh, she decided to heed a creative urge which had been tugging at her sleeve for a number of years, and she retrained as an interior designer. While studying interior design, Louise discovered a love of pen and ink with watercolour illustration, which she now does alongside her interior design work. Louise runs her interior design company, Amalfi White Living, which offers her clients a fresh, elegant style, mixing vintage and modern pieces for a luxurious yet relaxed look. She dreams of renovating a white house by the sea.