Playlist 19.03.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend


Playlist 19.03.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 19.03.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 19.03.16 : Five Songs for the Weekend

SHEER MAG – Nobody’s Baby

Rare for a band that seldom gives interviews, Sheer Mag have established themselves as a political force in just three EPs. The Philly band have refused to dial back the fuzz on their ecstatic, white hot ’70s AM rock, or excuse the oppressive complacency and corruption that Christina Halladay confronts in her soulful yowl. Lesser cited, though, are Halladay’s love songs, which intersect acutely with her polemic.


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Hembree – Can’t Run Forever

Here to get stuck in your head is the latest single from Hembree called “Can’t Run Forever.” The moody synth-pop track finds lead singer Isaac Flynn’s supple tenor running with guitarist Garrett Childers’ delicate falsetto as the song builds to an electrifying crescendo. It’s clear that Hembree means to put the listener in a dreamscape, but the lyrics make for more of a tense night terror than they do a fantasy.

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WAFIA – The Raid

In a time where the music scene is saturated with “future soul”, “future pop”, “future RnB” and many more “futuristic” styles, it really does take something special to stand out in a crowd. Wafia has that something special. With a voice that glides across thick, buzzing beds of warm electronic beats, she sounds at one with her production. Encapsulating a certain element of emotion in her electronic sounds, her dynamic range rises and falls so effortlessly, whilst her complex rhythms weave throughout thick synth lines.

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Rosemary Fairweather – Too Low

With a pixie persona and a DIY attitude,Rosemary Fairweather is a potential successor to the crown of dreamy, high pitched pop currently held by fellow Canadian Claire Boucher of Grimes fame. Fairweather is definitely more reserved but her songwriting and the intricacy of her soundscapes makes her just as powerful a force.

Her new track “Too Low” combines elements of Lana Del Ray and cleverly engineered electronica with sparse but effective sampling, allowing the listener to delve into the mind of an insomniac/creative. It ebbs and flows like a changing season or the transition from night to day: a sort of twilight existence not inhibited by sleep but also not tied up with the tribulations of the day to day

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Soft Lit – U Up

Soft Lit released one of the year’s best EPs last year with their eponymous debut, a bulletproof collection of electronic pop, R&B and dance house-afflicted singles that make you wonder how the Brooklyn duo have managed to avoid becoming playlist ubiquitous on a larger scale by now, and their new single as part of Godmode Music’s ongoing Faculty Series keeps their undefeated streak intact. It’s called “U Up,” and transmits the next stages of Tara Chacón and Tyler McCauley’s trend-setting sonic mutations through a palpitating alien light show and trap banger romance fit for the modern dating age. “Turn your phone off / Leave your coat on / Keeping it under / Can’t leave me alone / I made your mind up / Baby, I’m for certain / Won’t you remember / You’re not my problem,” declares Chacón in its ear-worming kissoff, and despite its zig-zagging laser production, it sounds like she’s sending anything but mixed signal emojis to her hook-up’s phone letting it be known she’s not having it anymore. For the rest of us, here’s to getting the point that texts, Snapchats, or anything of that like can never be taken seriously as a way of wooing someone into your arms.

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